View on Land Expropriation in South Africa [Personal Opinion]

This is a personal opinion from an individual [Twitter: @AfrikanerTrots] [Facebook: SA Needs Help]

The ANC & EFF are quick to claim land from white Afrikaners saying that the land was stolen from them! Personally I know that is not the case and that all land owned by black/white farmers were acquired legally in a transaction where money were changing hands or some exchange took place. Whichever, the previous owner were compensated!

But for argument sake lets imagine for one moment that land was taken from blacks somewhere in the past…. (totally ridiculous but for this argument we pretend it happened!)

There are a few points to consider:

  1. To take anything from any person without compensation (buying) or that persons explicit permission is illegal! (That means its a crime defined by our own ANC Government!)
    Now I’ll try and explain how the law works. Lets say a criminal robs a bank, and that case stays unsolved for many years, and after many years the person who robbed the bank pass away, and now the police solves the crime and found out that the perpetrator passed away, what do they do? They close the case and it is solved. They don’t go and hold the bank robbers children liable and make them pay for the fathers crime! They don’t empty the children’s bank accounts and take their property because their father robbed a bank! So why then should any current farmer pay for what was done centuries ago (if it ever happened) and the person who did it passed away many generations back!? Whoever is a farmer today acquired the farm he or she is on legally by purchasing it from a previous owner.
  2. Does the property belong to the current owner legally?
    Of course it does. Every farmer gets taxed by the ANC Government for property he/she, white/black owns. By requiring a person to pay tax, the government implies that the person paying the tax legally owns the property. You cannot tax someone for something that is not his/hers. So if the ANC Government tax property belonging to me, they imply that I legally own that property! Therefor if you take that property from me without buying it or my express permission, you are stealing! Stealing is a criminal offence and punishable by law in this and any other country. So why does the ANC & EFF allow stealing of farms but they don’t allow me to rob a bank?

The ANC & EFF have double standards and always had double standards. They change the law as it needs to fit their requirements and pockets! They change wording to redefine the law and get away with it. Great examples are:

  • Land expropriation – what is land expropriation? Its taking land without compensation. What is taking land without compensation? STEALING! But no they don’t want to call it stealing because stealing is a criminal offence and punishable by law, so they call it land expropriation!
  • Looting – what is looting? Looting is stealing! Taking money from VBS bank that does not belong to you is not looting. It’s stealing. But because there are high ranking officials and political parties like the EFF & the ANC involved they call it “Looting of VBS Bank”. Because if they called it “Robbing of VBS Bank” they will be prosecuted by the Financial Crimes Unit!

You see fellow South Africans. The political party leaders think that because we normal citizens don’t have college degrees we are too stupid to see whats going on. The next time you go commit a crime, take a friend with and call it looting and lets see if the Government can prosecute you! And if they do, ask why Malema was not prosecuted. They use their so called “University Degrees” to think up clever words to disguise their crimes. And when that does’nt work they use abusive language and racist comments to discourage you from questioning their lies and deceit! And the media falls for it! Reporting on lies as if it is fact without checking the facts! Whatever any politician says in a press conference gets reported by the media as fact! The role of the media as to report facts and not hearsay, but the past couple of years they report any bullshit as fact. Failing the public in doing so!

And this is just coming from me… an degree-less spectator in a society where thugs and criminals rule our country and our corporate system with crime and intimidation!


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